Pinot Noir / Zweigelt • 2015
Extra Brut Sparkling Rose


Hermann Moser

Weingut Hermann Moser is run by Martin Moser and his wife Carmen. The estate is 300 years old and is located in the village of Rohrendorf in Austria's Kremstal winegrowing region. The vineyards cover 19 hectares, 85% of which is planted to white varieties such as Grüner Veltliner and Riesling. The heart of the estate is the highly regarded Gebling vineyard, which is composed of one of Austria's deepest deposits of the wind-blown, silty soil called loess.

Gruner Veltliner • 2017
Per Due
Gruner Veltliner • 2017
Gruner Veltliner • 2015
Zweigelt • 2018
Rosi Mosi
Gruner Veltliner • 2015
Gebling Fortissimo DAC Reserve
Gruner Veltliner • 2015
Gebling Hannah DAC Reserve
Riesling • 2015
Kellerterrassen DAC Reserve
Gelber Muskateller • 2016
Gelber Muskateller
Pinot Blanc • 2011
Beerenauslese 375ml
Riesling • 2015
Zweigelt • NV
Rosi Mosi Sparkling
Zweigelt • 2015




Sustainably farmed on soils of Loess and Konglomorate, these vines grow along the right bank of the Danube across from the Wachau alongside some of Austria's oldest vines. With vineyards facing mostly east or south, the unique soils and continental climate yield wines that are fruity, spicy and peppery with great minerality.

Gruner Veltliner • 2018
Gruner Veltliner 1L


Weingut Familie Bauer

Located in the Grossriedenthal area of the Wagram region, Josef Bauer, alongside his wife Eva Maria, comprise the extraordinary winemakers of Weingut Familie Bauer. The Bauers believe in creating wines of the best quality by being conscientious of the environment by employing green covering of existing flora that cultivates the natural diversity of landscape and hence reflects the terroir found in their wines.

Roter Veltliner / Gruner Veltliner •
"Barig" Skin Contact
Zweigelt •
Blauer Zweigelt •
Gruner Veltliner •
Gruner Veltliner